Friday, July 10, 2009

Big News at Peace, Love & Soap!

I am so happy to announce that you can now find Peace, Love & Soap products at the Mast General Store in downtown Greenville, SC. It has been a pleasure working with them on their first order and am proud to have our soaps in the store! So if you live in Greenville, go check it out!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Peace, Love & Soap Featured on Change Starts at Home!

Things have been kind of crazy around here, lately. We just moved into a new house, which was such a Blessing because we were quickly outgrowing the place we were in. Along with most others, I officially hate moving! I know that hate is a very strong word, but I mean every letter of it. However, we are all moved in and it is wonderful! My boys have lots of room to run and play and I have twice the area for my soapmaking. I have been filling soap orders like crazy and the market has been going really well.
My oldest son started t-ball last week and it is so fun watching him play a team sport. Since he was a baby I imagined how cool it would be to go to his games and practices one day, and it is! He made friends with another little boy on the field and I overheard them talking to each other. They were saying how they really wanted to catch a ball and get to throw it in to first base. Finally, a ball came straight to Cameron. He quickly scooped it up in his glove and when he looked down at the ball, he picked it out of his little glove and tossed it to his friend so he could throw it to first. My heart sunk with joy and before I knew it I screamed out, "Way to go, Cameron- that was great, buddy!" His coach, unfortunately did not feel the same. He yelled out to Cameron, "Next time throw it to first base yourself, it took extra time to pass it to someone else and for them to throw it in." He turned to me and said, "Hey Mom, that wasn't something to cheer about," "but it was kind" I fired back. See I think the coach was wrong. Empathy and compassion for others is something to cheer about. My child showed good character by letting his little friend throw the ball instead of taking it all for himself. I hope that those characteristics follow him into adulthood. He is such a Blessing to our family!
As far as soapy news goes, Peace, Love & Soap has been featured on the San Fransisco based site Change Starts At Home. Check it out under the Economics section! Thanks for the support! It means so much!