Friday, May 3, 2013

Peace, Love & Soap 2013 Market Season Begins!!

In the morning we will embark on the 2013 Market season! It will continue to be held each Saturday for the next six months. When I first started the market, my boys were so little that I would set up the pak-n-play for them to sit in while I sold my soap. My operation was very small and I was there for the experience more than the money. Over the years, the market has grown right alongside Peace, Love & Soap. These days, my boys have certain things they love about the market as well. First things first, they must get their cinnamon scone from Great Harvest Bread. They love Buddy May's fresh, raw honey and look forward to Ms Angie who spoils them with treats & special gourd jack-o-lanterns. They lay under my table watching movies on the ipad or decorate the sidewalk with their chalk creations. Things have changed from season 1. This will be our sixth season at the market and I couldn't feel more Blessed to be a part of such a wholesome, positive event. The market "veterans" are like family. We buy, sell & trade with each other and watch each others' backs and tents when needed. Each year, as word gets out of the Saturday morning downtown gem, our crowds get bigger and bigger. I love to see people out & about with their families enjoying such a beautiful city. Peace, Love & Soap has also developed quite a bit since the early years. We are now carried in stores such as Whole Foods Market & Mast General store, along with many other local business in the Carolinas. We have gone from a few varieties of soap to about 12 different blends along with Paraben Free Lotions, Bath Salt, Lip Balms & Liquid Soap. It has taken many years of hard work to evolve Peace, Love & Soap, but we have also had the most wonderful customers, friends & family to support our journey and lead us into the future of our company. We still have a long way to go, but I am very hopeful & excited about what is in store for Peace, Love & Soap and The Downtown Saturday Market. If you have never been, please don't miss such a fun time in our beautiful downtown Greenville. The market is held on Main Street from The Westin Poinsett & continues a few blocks up North Main. The hours are from 8:30-12:30. Hope to see you there!