Monday, February 6, 2017

VERY Quick Overview on Essential Oils

      I am certainly no guru when it comes to essential oils, but since my early teens I have had a fascination with them and the properties they posses. Over the past 9 years of research about essential oils for my business, Peace, Love & Soap, I have gathered some knowledge that may be helpful. This post is only the basics....even shorter than the Reader's Digest version. It is a starting point.

      Let's talk about Lavender. Lavender is my favorite go-to oil for many reasons. It is naturally calming, promotes rest & relaxation & improves sleep. Did you know that Lavender can help with acne, repel bugs & promote hair growth. Seriously, what's not to love? 

      What about Lemongrass? It is naturally sniff and you'll see. It is naturally anti fungal, antibacterial & it relieves muscle soreness. Lemongrass is also a mosquito repellent.

      Let's not forget about Peppermint! We all know it is great for breathe but it goes so much deeper than repelling spiders! It aids in digestion, awakens the mind, helps fight headaches and is naturally anti bacterial & anti microbial. It produces a "tingle" when applied to the skin that some people love and others...well, not so much. If you are not a fan of the strong "tingle" sensation, it is helpful to first mix the essential oil with a "carrier" oil such as coconut or olive oil. (**this goes for all essential oils)

      Eucalyptus is great for respiratory issues as well as congestion or cold. It opens up the lungs & sinuses. It is also used for muscle pain, exhaustion, acne, cuts, burns, insect bites, even shingles!

      Patchouli is another favorite of mine but I can't speak for everyone. It is usually the Love/Hate scent and this is because it is associated with Hippies. For some this is a good thing (love me some hippies) others remember a time when Patchouli was used in the place of deodorant...for days on end. I get it, but don't break my heart, give it a try. Patchouli is a calming oil & a natural aphrodisiac. Yep, that's right. It helps fight depression, soothes inflammation, stops fungal growth & works as a bug repellent. 

      These are just a FEW properties of a FEW oils. There is so much more to all of them and they truly are incredible! At Peace, Love & Soap we have 2 (for now) blends that are very popular with our customers. These blends are Patchouli Lavender & Lemon Eucalyptus. The great thing about the blends is that you basically combine the goodness of each oil into one.


                                             Single Oil

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Which Essential Oil Diffuser Should I Buy?

       Over the course of the last five years I have been asked numerous times, "Which Diffuser do you use?" I will admit that I have gone through a few before I found my favorite and I even still use several different brands in my home. There is, however, one that I swear by because it has all of the features that I love for just the right price. Let me also say that I am in no way affiliated with any company and I receive absolutely no perks for endorsements. This post is purely my opinion based off of 5 years of experience.
       My first experience with diffusers was through Doterra back when I was selling there products years ago. I like the company and they do have quality products. The Lotus was my first purchase for $119, which was a sacrifice, but I was sure I wouldn't regret it. It had to be replaced 3 times because of the plastic breaking down. The customer service was amazing and it was replaced no problem, but the product failed...multiple times. Finally I gave up on the Lotus and decided to take the plunge & upgrade to the Aroma Ace. The Aroma Ace was nice, but extremely pricey at $173 (also comes with one oil, but still). Lastly, at full blast, it was very loud. I thought it was ok, but ok isn't quite good enough for the price tag attached.
      In an effort to share my love for aromatherapy with my sister, I purchased the Miu Color 500 ml Diffuser from Amazon. It was $32.99 which was fair because I knew she wasn't into it as much as I was. Long story short, when I saw hers I had to have one! It has a subtle color changing light (which can be switched off), automatic shut-off, a timer, a large water tank...basically everything I had been looking for for a fraction of the price! I purchased one for myself & have been using it with no problems for the past 4 years. It is by far my favorite diffuser. I use it every single day.
     It was suggested to me to try the Signstek 1500ml Diffuser for $24.99 on Amazon because of the large capacity water tank and the high volume output. I did purchase this diffuser and I like it for that price except for a few things. The look of the diffuser is's not sleek like my MIU. It does not have automatic shut off which is huge for me & my peace of mind. Also, I love the high output of vapors, but it leaves A LOT of condensation where ever it is placed. This could ruin a nice piece of bueno. It also runs out quickly when switched to high output.
      All in all the point of my post is to say that you do NOT have to shell out loads of money in order to have a nice Essential Oil diffuser. Find out which features are most important to you and go from there. After years of experience, if I ever needed to replace a diffuser, it will be with another MIU 500ml. I use them all but this is my favorite!

       Here are three of the four diffusers I mentioned. I do not own the Lotus anymore and that is why it's not pictured (notice the water droplets around the base of the Signstek).  I hope that this helps in your journey with diffusing oils and aromatherapy. I, of course, use Peace, Love & Soap essential oils & blends. I own the company & I know exactly what goes into my products. Our oils are 100% pure, but not all essential oils are equal. That is another post for another day...Happy Diffusing!

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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Purchase Your Lava Diffuser Bracelets & Oils Here!

          In trying to add the Lava Diffuser Bracelets & Essential oils & Blends to my website, I discovered that my website had been HACKED!! Here is a quick fix for the time being...these PAYPAL buttons are a safe way to order your bracelet & oils if you need those as well. I hope you love these as much as I do!

Lava Diffuser Bracelet
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