Friday, September 5, 2008

Peace, Love & Hard Work!

Things seem to becoming together quite nicely. I've been hard at work coming up with new recipes for the fall & winter seasons. I made a pumpkin pie soap, night before last, that smells good enough to eat! The kids and I are going to Organicfest in Asheville tomorrow. I am so excited, I've been saving up to get lots of great ingredients. Not to mention, Asheville has better natural food stores than Greenville. I still consider that to be local since it's only an hour away. I altered my muslin bags to have a drawstring. This is better because the soap is more accessible for viewing and sniffing. My marketing team has been hard at work and sales are going up, up, up! The hardest thing right now is the balance of taking care of my kids and my eagerness to improve my business. The kids come first! If I ever start to forget this, they quickly bring me back down to earth. Thanks guys, I love you so much! Cameron (31/2) pitches in by turning my bags right side out for me, as I sew. He is very helpful and interested in my soap. He knows many of the essential oils and anxiously tells me his thoughts on each one. Slowly, but surely we're getting there.

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Cottage on the Hill said...

I love your stuff! First thought I would just get the Apple Cinnamon and Pumpkin but WOW! You have such great variety. I love what you do! Love the tomato! You are going to do so well because of your quality!