Sunday, January 11, 2009

Where there's a will, there's a way!

Well, I have to say that I'm ready for spring! I try to enjoy each season as it comes, but I think winter would be much nicer if it were about 2-3 weeks of the year. One major reason that I'm getting antsy is becuase I can't wait for the market to start back up so I can get some soap moving. I have been pondering the idea of making soap and candle sets and I really want to learn some perfumery techniques. The macdaddy of all soap conferences is coming up in May and I really need to generate some revenue so I can make it out to Palm Springs. There is so much still to learn, and this is the place to gain the knowledge. The sooner spring gets here, the closer I am to Cali, baby! Erin Brochovich will be there along with many other fellow soapers that I would love to meet in person- I will find a way! I have a few new recipes that I will be trying in the next few days. I've gone about a week without making anything- I am craving a soap binge! Wish me luck!

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Ginnie said...

Good luck! Make some good ones because I'm about to need some more!! ;-)