Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Peace, Love & Soap at Earth Fest

Peace, Love & Soap had a wonderful day at Earth Fest! It was held on the campus of Greenville Tech and the students were very into my products and how I made them. The wind was so fierce that I actually thought a couple times that my tent might become airborne, but no worries, we stayed grounded. My loofah scrubbies sold like hot cakes and I think my coconut cream lip balm is becoming a fast favorite. I made up a few "Garden Starter" kits that I thought might be good Mother's Day gifts, (I will post a picture). They seemed to get a good response so I will make more for my booth at the market. It's amazing to hear peoples' opinions about everything from pricing to signage. I like the input and take it into account when planning my events. I bought my first hierloom tomato plant of the season and Cameron can't wait to get it planted! It's called Brandywine Pink- I thought that was a pretty name. It will be the start of our organic container garden for the year. We did one last year and I couldn't believe all of the veggies we had, not to mention the fun! Happy Earth Day!

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