Sunday, June 7, 2009

Peace, Love & Soap is Growing!

A lot of things have been going on lately in my world. A couple of weeks ago I was approached by 2 very popular retail stores in Greenville. They were interested in carrying local products for thier customers. I was so excited to meet with them, but I had some major preparation to do before the meeting. The most important being packaging that would work for a store that didn't really have space for full logs, a cutter, etc. I racked my brain all day and almost threw my computer out the window trying to figure something out. I wanted a unique label that would represent the nature and quality of my product. Just in the nick of time, my husband showed up and rescued me (and the computer!). He put together an awesome label, if I do say so myself! Thanks, Mike! I shrink wrapped a few bars and was good to go. I met with both places and they both wanted my products- Yay! I will announce where they are when it all goes through. I'm so excited.
On Friday, my youngest boy, Christian, turned 2! I can't believe it- where does the time go? A couple days before his birthday he told me that he was ready for the big boy potty, and he's been in undies ever since! Is it supposed to be that easy? I'm not asking any questions, I'll just go with it.
We are also about to move to a new house in 2 weeks. This is a major Blessing because we were quickly outgrowing this place. The boys will have a nice yard to play in and more living space. Not to mention I will have twice the area that I work in now, for my soap making!
I bought a baking tray rack (probably not the technical term) on wheels the other day, which I kind of feel is a soap artisan's right of passage! I loved setting all of my bars on the trays to cure! FUN! So, I've definitely been busy and I love it. The market is going very well. I am getting to know lots of people in Greenville. I love the sense of community that you feel downtown, it's really great!

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