Saturday, March 7, 2009

Soap making today!

Well, I have just completed my third batch of soap this morning. I'm excited because I am coming out with a new bar for spring/summer. It has dead sea salt in it and the most wonderful coconut fragrance you could ever imagine with just a hint of warm vanilla. I can't wait to see how it turns out. My house is so quiet right now, the only sound I hear is my kettle boiling in the background- Wierd! My Mom has graciously taken care of my boys for the last couple of days so my husband and I could go see a concert and have a night out in Atlanta. We had the best time together! The longer we are married, the better our relationship gets and I'm so thankul for that! So today I have dedicated to boosting my inventory. The batches that were made this morning will not be ready for sale until May, just in time for the market! Have I mentioned that I can't wait!?! The weather today is a georgous preview of spring and it makes me feel hopeful of the things to come, maybe that's what inspired my beach bar. I am now going to start on some solid lotion massage sticks, not quite sure on the fragrance- although I know I will do some peppermint. I am more than ready for my boys to come home, as much as I've enjoyed a quiet house, I miss them so much!


Ginnie said...

Can't wait to try the new bars out! Enjoy the peace and quiet while you can! ;-)

tammy franks said...

hey I live in fountain inn too.
and I make creams and lip balms too.
I don't do cold press soap,but I do mold melt and pour soaps.
most of my stuff is herb based ,i make all slippry elm products ...please I hope you look at my blog and we become friends .it's nice to know there are others to talk to so close.DO you know about the famers market in fountain inn we can sale soaps and lotions there. I did last fall.I would love to see other soapers blog is