Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Peace Love & Soap is ready for Fall...

After the show I was definitely ready for a mini break from soap. My family had been so helpful and supportive through the planning and execution that I wanted to give them a break too. In Cameron's last week before pre-K we just chilled around the house building tents on the back porch, riding bikes, watching movies and lots of other laid back activities. He started his first soccer league and he absolutely loves it! Mike is helping coach and he loves it, too! He couldn't wait for this moment since he is a devout soccer (football to him) fan. This past week Cameron started school and he is quite content being back with his friends and teachers. He cries when I come to pick him up, which sort of makes me happy because I know that he enjoys being there. Christian and I have also enjoyed having a few hours to ourselves in the morning. He revels in the attention and I revel in giving it to him. He is talking so much and I cannot believe the things he says. He is very kind and loving and I hope he always will be.
Lately I have been canning a bunch of veggies to last us through the winter. I love canning. I really think that its a therapeutic hobby that is so rewarding. It's so cool when you line up all of your jars and know that they are straight from the farm! So far I have canned corn, green beans, marinara, and tons of salsa (it is a family favorite!).
Today, when I get back from my errands I will make some soap. I'm glad that I took a break because now I'm ready to do more. I've been getting lots of internet orders and have decided that I really need a Peace, Love & Soap website. I plan to get that up before Fall is in full force.

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Your soap blog is really interesting!