Monday, May 3, 2010

Carolina First Market Comes in Like a Lion!

Main St. in downtown Greenville was buzzing this past Saturday morning! I have never seen such a crowd in my three years of being down there. Downtown has the coolest vibe and when it is full of people supporting their local farmers & artisans, it's just amazing. Peace, Love & Soap had its best sales day ever! By twelve o'clock, we were almost out of soap. We had many of our faithful customers re-up their soap stock, and tons of new faces as well. I picked up some green garlic, handmade spinach gnocchi & saffron pasta. We had it for dinner tonight and it was so yummy. The Greenville Times snapped a shot of Cameron & I headed back to our booth with our garlic. I'm pretty sure Cameron was begging me to buy him boiled peanuts (which I finally did).

I have also been working on my swirling techniques so I will post some of those pics. Mike made me new molds which are so much more efficient. I love them!

Things have been going great for us and I'm really excited about things to come. This weekend is Artisphere and I get to watch my favorite artist Brian Olsen do his thing called Art In Action. Check him out on youtube, it's amazing!!

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