Thursday, January 13, 2011

24/7 with Peace, Love & Soap in SKIRT! Magazine

I know most Greenville folks have picked up skirt! magazine at some time or another. I love flipping through each month to see what is new and fresh around town, which is why I was so excited when they called me and asked for an interview for the new "24/7" segment.

The funniest thing is that my family went to Whole Foods for a bite to eat a couple days after Christmas. I knew that the article was coming out in January and wasn't at all expecting to see it when I breezed past the stack of mags, grabbing one on my way to our booth. My husband casually said to me, "Are you gonna look for your article?" I looked down and saw that it WAS the January issue. I about died when I flipped to the page and saw it! I know it may not be a major deal to most people, but it was so fun to see and my boys thought it was cool seeing mommy in a magazine!
Check it out, just click on the link below...

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