Sunday, January 16, 2011

Peace, Love & Soap Happenings!

It's starting to get busy around here once again! For some reason I had anticipated a few months of no soap activity, but much to my surprise, it was more like a couple of weeks! I'm not complaining because I have to admit I was getting a little antsy and already subconsciously setting goals for the upcoming year and market season. Things seem to be constantly changing here at Peace, Love & Soap which I think is great because it's a sign of growth. Our retail packaging is about to get a makeover and I can't wait to reveal our new look. In the last 3 days I have made 29 batches of soap and mixed almost my weight in bath salts. I'm trying to stay ahead of the game as much as possible this year to free up some fun time during market season. A major goal I have is to have all of the soap made before the market starts in May. Day before yesterday I took a little road trip to Charlotte, NC to pick up my new workbench. I am so happy for this because I have been working off of two 8 ft. plastic tables and they are shot!! This is a major deal for me.
Peace, Love & Soap has had the opportunity to be a sponsor in a race taking place on February 5, 2011 called A Hero's 5K. It is in memory of Geoffrey Whitsitt and other Upstate soldiers who have fought, lived and died for our country. I have offered that anyone who signs up to run with the Peace, Love & Soap team gets a free bar of soap. We have 2 signed up so far and I hope we get lots more! C'mon, I'm itching to give some soap away! You can sign up here:
In fact, if you mention this blogpost to me, I'll throw in a lip balm as well!

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