Saturday, February 26, 2011

Peace, Love & Soap in the new Raleigh, NC Whole Foods Market!!

We were so excited to be asked to be part of the grand opening of the Raleigh, NC Whole Foods Market!! The store will open in early March and you can find Peace, Love & Soap products there!

Lately I have been very busy filling wholesale orders and figuring out how to transition into bigger equipment in order to ramp up production. I am excited to say that we will be working on new pictures for the website in the next couple months, and boy do we need them. Tax time is upon us and that is never fun, especially since bookkeeping is not my forte. However, I finished up my part of it yesterday and will be glad to have that behind me for another year. It was actually pretty exciting to see that Peace, Love & Soap is growing in all of the ways that it should be. I am not a numbers girl and really don't pay much attention to that unless I have to, so it was a good checkpoint for the year.

Today is a beautiful sunny day and as soon as I finish my coffee I will dress the boys and head out to the shop to make soap. I love my setup because they can play while I watch them & work. I also have a little couch out there so Cameron can sit & practice his reading.


Anne-Marie said...

Congrats. That's such big news! Woohoo =)

Peace, Love & Soap said...

Thanks Anne-Marie! I'm so excited about our growth!