Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thank you, Blairsville!

It was great going back to my old hometown for the Holiday Market. I was lucky to have my sister helping me at my booth because we had a lot of setup to do. When we drove through town on Saturday morning it was 9 degrees and still dark! The morning was very cold. Understandably, there were not many shoppers out until around 10:30, when it was actually bearable. Our day went so well. It was great to see old friends that I hadn't seen in years. Many people were enthusiastic about my products and it reall made me happy. Also, I was approached to be advertised in the Local Food Guide, since many of my ingrediants are purchased locally. This is great news because they are going to be printing 33,000 copies to be distributed throughout the southeast region. Wow, that's cool! All in all, the market was a success. Sales were great and the day was beautiful!

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