Monday, November 17, 2008

Twitter Bug!

I have just created a Twitter account. I have heard about this new thing, but really didn't see the point. It is a site where you have 140 characters to update what you are doing at the moment. These days I don't really have that much time to get on the computer, but I'm going to try it and see how it goes. I think it will be fun if some of my other friends are on there, too. If it's just me doing it, not so much! I made some pretty little cupcakes yesterday that I can't wait to photograph them and put on my blog and Etsy. My sister helped me make some more soapsicles and I cranked out a few jumbo lip balms as well. I think these are my favorites at the moment. I like chunky little things like that! Anyway, if you want to check me out on Twitter here is my address, (my entire name wouldn't fit). I am going to commit to try it for 30 days and see if it catches on. Feel free to join me!

I have two markets coming up. I will be in Blairsville, Ga. next Saturday for the Holiday market. On December 6 we have ours in downtown Greenville. Can't wait!

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Anonymous said...

I tried to follow you from the link on the left, but it didn't work. Could you post your twitter name so we can follow :)