Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fall is Here!

Today was a really good day at the Market! The weather has definitly changed and Fall is in the air. It was kind of fun to get dressed up in my warm jacket. I had a couple of new products at my booth that really went over well. One was a Soapsicle, and the other was sort of a soap mobile (basically bars & balls of soap strung up on hemp string). My sister and I did the soapsicles last night and it was so fun working together on a project. I also brought a new scent out, cinnamon clove. Those sold like hot cakes, but lavender patchouli was my best seller today. It's very interesting because you never know what people will be in the mood for. I am really loving the market community which consists of the "vendors" and the die hard attenders. It's a fun network of people who I can completely identify with. Many people asked me where my boys were today, which was sweet. I signed my baby sister up for babysitting duty, she didn't mind. I left the market with much less soap than I came with, which is what I consider a successful day!

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jo said...

Hi Katie

Fab soapiesite! Its a shame we dont have smelliesite!

I need to pick your brains, (you being an old pro)! although I dont have your email address, ours is

We all send our love from UK, Hope you are all well. Keep up the good work.

Love Jo
(yep, Mikes Auntie - Gosh, now I Feel old! xxx