Saturday, October 4, 2008

To Market, to market!

Today was a really awesome day that I had been envisioning ever since the thought of selling my soap came to me. It was our first day at the Carolina First Saturday Market in downtown Greenville. It is a really cute farmer's market that takes place on Main St. and is a treat for the locals as well as tourists. I was honored to finally secure a booth, but a little nervous because I would be bringing my boys with me. Don't get me wrong, my kids are well-behaved, but you can only ask so much out of a one and three year old. Not to worry, they were little angels. The market lasted from 8-12. My neighbor came to see our booth around 10:30, which was great because she took the boys for a walk and played with them for a while. I couldn't have asked for a better day. My sales were high and I got some great feedback on my soap. Apple cinnamon swirl is definitely a favorite among my customers and the mint chocolate also went over well. Last night when I put Cameron to bed, he said a special prayer for our booth at the market. I thought it was so neat how he realized that it was so important to me that our day went well. His prayers were answered and we all enjoyed our time together. Now I need to focus on getting my inventory back up and ready for our next market adventure. I hope it is as good as today!


eric said...

Hi Katie! It was nice to see you at our reunion last weekend.

I've looked over your blog and like your presentation.

A couple of ideas for you:

1) Start a web site so you can have online sales (check out Jason Holland's parent's web site for ideas:

2) Attach a label to your bags (even if it is only your business card with a whole punched in the corner and tied to the string that closes the bag)

3) Sell gift baskets filled with mixed soap. This will increase your average sale value. Also, make different size gift baskets--maybe sell one for $8.50, one for $12.50, one for $15.50, etc.

4) Get some off-white color paper (similar to resume paper) to create labels for your soap when you display it on your tables. You could also display the soap in big baskets to offer better presentation.

5) Don't forget to keep track of all of your expenses for tax purposes, including mileage to/from the market, picking up ingredients, etc. Also, you can deduct your the portion of your home you are using as your business on your taxes.

These are just a few ideas I had for you after reviewing your web site. Good luck!

Also, one last idea--I would change the paper color of your business card and list your products/scents on the back.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I was one of your customer's from last Saturday (Oct 4th) and I have to say, your soap is awesome!

I bought the chocolate mint and seriously couldn't stop smelling it on the way home!

Are you going to be selling anywhere after the Open Market in Greenville stops (or are they doing it year round?)

I grabbed your card, which is how I found your blog, but I plan on following your blog for any updates!

Thanks again! And I'm glad your sales went well, your soap is really wonderful!

J. Patrick Greer said...

I was notified of your blog by the last person to leave a comment on your blog via her blog! It great to see a local business person using blogging for business. You have made a great use of photos. Keep it up. I hope to do a write up on my business blog. I'll let you know when I do.

You're a good example of using blogging for business and your passion for your product really shows through.

Peace, Love & Soap said...

I will be at the market until Nov. 1st. After that I will be sure to blog where I will be. My stuff is also available in a couple of stores around Greenville so I will let you know what is going on. I'm so glad you liked my soap!

Thanks for the comments on my blog I would love to know when you do that write up! That sounds great!