Monday, December 15, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Last night I made up a batch of peppermint lip balms. I love using peppermint in my products because it is so stimulating to the senses. The aroma is still very alive in my kitchen even today. The lip balm came out wonderfully. My goal was for it to have a light tingly effect when applied, and it does. The events that I attended on Saturday were great! I made some new friends and had a really fun time at Roxana's house. She was a wonderful host and I also loved getting to know Marcy. They are very neat women! Roxana makes lovely handmade jewelry, you can check out her stuff at I especially love the tree pendants! Marcy makes custom gift items such as monogrammed ponchos for kids, coffee mugs, and ribbon purses (which are so cool and unique!) her website is .
My time at the Cliffs was also a lot of fun. The staff was so helpful to me in getting set up. It's always a pleasure to visit. Sales were great and I had lots of return customers. I know I go on & on about that, but anyone can buy a product once. I figure if they come back for more, that's the ultimate compliment! I'm sure things will slow down for me now, but I will be working on my etsy account ( ) and building inventory. I can't wait for the market to start back up in the spring. I have some new ideas brewing so this break will give me time to develop my plans for the new year. I feel so Blessed to have the freedom to do what I love- be a mommy and make yummy soap!!

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