Friday, December 19, 2008

Hello Carolina!

Well today was the day that I have been talking about for months, now. We finally had our moment of local fame on the "Your Carolina" show with Jack & Kimberly. I was not nervous all morning which is odd for me. Everyone at the show was so inviting and complimentary of my soap (and my kids) that it made me feel so relaxed and right at home. Right before I went on, I felt that twinge of nerves that can either push you into motor mouth mode, or completely erase all knowledge of the subject at hand. Well, lucky enough for me I pretty much kept it all together. I think the fact that I really believe in my products and love sharing about them helped me feel calm. The only thing that I didn't do is mention my etsy account. I can't believe I forgot that! And when I watched it, I realized that they put the wrong web address up on the screen. I emailed the show when I got home, so hopefully they can fix it on their website. At first I was really bothered about it, but my ever-soothing husband helped me to not be too hard on myself- I love you, honey! I will post some pictures of our morning at the show. It is held in the Michelin building in downtown Greenville, this building is so cool (it really helped keep my boys occupied) Hope you enjoy the pics, and thanks "Your Carolina" it was a pleasure being on the show!

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