Monday, December 8, 2008

My First Customer!

This weekend went off without a hitch- almost. Besides the fact that my sister showed up at 7:30 am to her market that started at 1:00 pm, all went very well. It was such a great feeling to have two booths going at once. I had quite a few return customers which always makes me happy and had the chance to meet a few new faces. My very first customer from the market returned to purchase more soap. His name is Rod and he is a very cool guy. We had a nice time chatting while I was setting up for the day. I took a picture of him by the sign to put in my Peace, Love & Soap scrapbook. I also snapped a picture of my soap wreath that I made as a decoration for my booth. I threw it together last minute, but so many people liked it, I decided to put it on my blog. Today they are coming to tape my soapmaking for the show. At first I was nervous, but now I am excited to share about my craft. I hope I don't get tongue tied or say something stupid (which I've been known to do when I am nervous). I will just be myself and hope for the best.

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Ginnie said...

The wreath is gorgeous and I bet you did great when they were taping! I can't wait to hear how it turned out!